Projecting phone screens in a classroom using Screenmeet

Projecting phone screens in a classroom using Screenmeet

Teachers may sometimes wish to project notes, photographs or an app on to a large screen to show to colleagues or students. IOS and Android phones and tablets can be connected via cables that plug into the HDMI or VGA slots of the projector or large screen monitor. IOS also supports wireless transmission of the screen contents to a connected dongle or set top box such as an Apple TV or Chromecast. This can be expensive and a ceiling mounted projector may not be accessible to a busy teacher especially if they are teaching in a classroom shared with other colleagues.

I was able to show an app to my class without such cables, dongles or set top boxes. I installed an app on my Android device called Screenmeet, which showed my phone display to a webpage. I logged on to this page on my teacher’s workstation that is connected to the projector. I am using my own 4G connection so sharing my device’s display in this way drains the battery, uses up data and there is a lag though it was not too noticeable.

My students were fascinated about how I was able to do this and it opened up an engaged discussion about the process at the end of the lesson. I have recorded a  short video showing how Screenmeet works and I think it is a useful tool in a classroom setting.

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