Notes from the digital chalkface

Notes from the digital chalkface

I am an IT and Computer Science secondary teacher based in the UK and have spent the last twenty years playing with digital tools to figure out how to harness them for learning, work, entertainment, creativity and life in general.

I have worked as a school teacher all around the world and have held a variety of roles including a head of department and I have worked on a number of school based projects including developing and maintaining a reporting assessment system using MS Access, self writing report comments and a couple of self hosted Moodle sites.

During my fifteen year career as a teacher, I have played with a number of digital tools and I have witnessed the emergence of more and more ubiquitous technologies including broadband Internet, smartphones, tablets, apps, streaming, social media and web powered software. My emphasis has changed because I am now a single father raising my young son, watching him encounter and absorb these tools as he grows up.

I enjoy playing with technology and I like writing. I have had a blog before and I am kicking off this project to add value by sharing some of the tools, ideas, methods and experiences which I have as a teacher, parent and enthusiast.

This blog will be notes from the digital chalkface.

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